1) The two other interns I work with go to Bentley and I think if we didn’t get this internship we would never have met each other. Bentley is a small school, but it’s still big enough were you meet new people every day at school or at an internship. I look forward to seeing them during the school year!

2) Besides meeting my fellow Bentley interns, I met the other employees. My co-workers are native to the Boston area and are strong Bostonians. I know more about Boston and the culture thanks to them. For example, when we attended a Red Sox game as a staff I truly saw the love for the team. Another example is the accent and the use of “wicked” all the time.

3) My internship is with an IT and Networking company, GDT. My job is to post related news and events on GDT’s different social media accounts. Through this, I learned so much about networks and I barely scratched the surface of the IT and Networking industry!


In summary, I love how I met knew people, how I got to learn more about the Boston culture, and how my own knowledge of technology grew. It has truly been a great experience so far! 

As soon as you step onto Bentley’s campus you are brought face to face with technology.  One year, during Accepted Student’s Day in the Spring Semester, the Center for Marketing Technology (CMT) hosted Converse and gave the students a chance to design their own shoes in a contest. The owner of the design that had the most votes got a prize, such as a pair of shoes with that design.


That was my first encounter with the CMT but, unfortunately, I didn’t win the contest. 


Later, I had the privilege of taking a Market Research class held in the CMT. The CMT has one classroom, which is the only one in that particular building. Not only is it solo, it is unique from the other classrooms on campus, because it has a Mac computer at every chair. 

My market research class was great. I learned how to write an effective survey and how to analyze the data collected. We went into the Center for Marketing Technology to use the computers there for Qualtrics, a survey software. We wrote out our survey questions and what type of answers we wanted (multiple choice or free response). Our survey asked what type of users used which video game console: PlayStation or Xbox.


We then emailed out our survey to those we knew who played video games. After a week, we returned to the CMT and Qualtrics to look at our results. Through a statistics software on the CMT’s computers we analyzed the data. We were able to see which gender played more, if income impacted who played what, if they preferred sport games, etc.

My professor walked us through systematically, but if we had further questions outside of class, there are tutors that know the software who can also help. Due to different factors, our survey will not be published anytime soon, but it was a great learning experience for how to create surveys as well as how to use the software in the CMT. 


I also used the CMT in another business class, Integrated Business Project. Again, we used the statistics software and the focus group room to see what our target market thought of a certain product. With this class, GB 320 as it is known around campus, you work with smaller companies and help them create better business plans. My company was a start-up; in fact, it was so brand new that it didn’t even have a website yet. Because of how “green” the company was, we used the CMT a lot to get a better sense of the target market and of the product.


As I am now a rising Junior, I look forward to future opportunities that will allow me to work closely with the Center for Marketing Technology again. 

I set out on a little adventure this morning. Unfortunately, the Bentley shuttle does not work on weekends during the summer, but the closest public bus to the city is not that far from campus. It was such a lovely day today that the walk went by very quickly. Upon entering Harvard Square, I took the red line to Park Street.

At Park Street, I walked through the Commons. Everyone was out and about enjoying the first summer day, for June 21st is officially the first day of summer. I could hear many different musical groups scattered throughout the grounds. There were dogs barking, children laughing, and people of all ages were conversing in different languages.

I sat in front of a swan’s nest for a time and watched the swan parents look after their eggs. I then explored a side street of the Commons, known as Charles Street. It is a hidden treasure! It is filled with little antique shops and I could really imagine people from the 1800’s roaming around.

I then went to the other side of the Commons and watched 22 Jump Street. Quite a funny movie! After, I sat and watched people again in the Commons and then returned to Harvard Square. The variety of music I heard in the Commons continued even near Harvard. There was a full on rock band that also played country type songs. I grabbed food from the new Shake Shack a couple of blocks from Harvard University and sat in a small green area to listen to the band.

I truly enjoyed the first official day of summer! 


Bentley is about 10 miles from Boston’s city center. It is the perfect distance to explore the city, especially during the summer.


Boston is beautiful in the summer! Flowers are blooming and the sun is shining.

You can explore the Boston Commons and discover Cheers, the pub popularized by the 1980s sitcom of the same name.


Off the red line at the JFK stop is the JFK museum.

Closer into the city in Copley Square is the finish line to the Boston Marathon and a block or so away is the Prudential Center.  Just a few blocks away, you can enjoy a nice lunch in the Boston Public Library’s peaceful courtyard after discovering its antique properties.


There is the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), which holds European art from the 1800s to Egyptian artifacts to modern day fashion.  If you are going to the MFA, then you need to make your way to the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. This building holds a small art collection and is made to look like an Italian villa.


One of your days can be filled with a boat ride around the Boston harbor where the infamous historic tea party took place. It has lost its tea scent, however, but it still is a beautiful ride.


There is never a lack of street entertainers during the day, like this class of salsa dancers in the North End.


 4th of July on the Charles River is definitely a sight to see!


And on certain nights, there are free theater productions in the Commons.


These are just the few things you can do or see in Boston during a summer! Get out there and explore!

One of the sweetest things in the world is witnessing puppy love, and I don’t mean between individuals, but between humans and dogs.


Did you know dogs can help with your cardiovascular heart health? Did you know dogs can reduce your anxiety?


Bentley knows these facts to be true and, though students are not allowed to have pets on campus, dogs are available during stressful periods such as finals.

 Sometimes President Gloria Larson and other staff members bring their dogs on campus for the students to enjoy.


Students are always excited to see these adorable puppies on campus and it gives a sense of being home.

It is now the end of the academic year. I wish to congratulate all graduates either from college or from high school. Those who have graduated from Bentley University, I want to extend an enormous good luck in your future endeavors!

For those who are entering Bentley in the Fall of 2014, Class of 2018, WELCOME!!! The next years will go by so fast, but the fastest of all will be your freshmen year.

Orientation is just around the corner and it seems like it was only yesterday when I attended my orientation. Those I met in my orientation influenced my path here at Bentley. I was led to the Women’s Leadership Floor, one of the specialty housing communities, and from there met many great girls who I consider close friends. People start to think about housing while at orientation: roommates, which of the three freshmen dorms they prefer to live in, etc.

This is a link to the other specialty housing communities for freshmen: http://www.bentley.edu/campus-life/residential-center-dining/forms-and-applications

A tip for getting the dorm building you want is to apply for specialty housing. There is specialty housing in each of the freshmen dorms.

In Trees, there is the Women’s Leadership Floor, in Miller, there is the Global Living Center, and in Slade, there is the Wellness Community. All three of these communities are unique and would definitely add to your experience at Bentley.

Continuing on, from the Women’s Leadership Floor I learned new skills and improved some old ones allowing me to become a Resident Assistant of freshmen girls and a Bentley Ambassador or tour guide. From there I got a job as a video production assistant in the video production department on campus.

I don’t want to give too much credit away, as I feel that with hard work anything is possible; however, without that first push from those I met at orientation, I might not be where I am today.

So enjoy orientation! It is your first step on your Bentley path. Though it might seem daunting, meeting most of your future classmates at once, push yourself past your comfort zone. Trust me; you will have a better experience.

Again, welcome to the Bentley family!